Updates for September 1998

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Tuesday, September First, 1998

No real updates today, other than the fact that I registered as many pages as I could with search engines. They should be there in a few days.

I will try to do more work on the Friends page soon, and the Alanis Lyrics can wait a bit.

Oh! I did make one change--on the site map updates was listed after useless facts, when useless facts should come before updates (alphabetically).

Also on the Push page am in the process of saving the pictures from the official site to my directory, who knows how quickly they'll be gone! Mostly on the characters page though, and I changed the wording of one sentence on the main Push page (doesn't really make much difference, but still...)

That's it!


Wednesday, September Second, 1998

A bunch of little updates today.

But first, I adopted a Senoch.. From The Senoch Adoption Agency. Go to the main page to get a look at him!

Anyway I saved all the pictures from Push to here, in case ABC decides to remove them from their site (I originally left the pictures on ABC.com and just set the pictures to come up from there). So there's no chance of losing them.

And as I mentioned I put the Senoch on the main page, but I also put a link to the agency on the links page.

Oh.. and I did a very little bit of work on the Friends page. Not much really.... But I did put the play list of the soundtrack on there.

I did the same on the X-Files page for two of the albums.

And finally, I made a banner!!! For my site of course. To look at it, go down to the bottom. If you would like to put it on your site, just copy the HTML from the main page into your document and there you go!

That's all for today


Thursday, September Third, 1998

A lot of updates today.

I put a title picture on the Friends page, as well as a link to the official soundtrack page.

I put more links to more official sites for Alanis (there's now three official sites in total!)

I also updated the information about her and her new album and single.

I also joined a few webrings, as well as signing up for a hitbox thing, you know that box with the 1000 written on it you see everywhere?

Anyway I joined a ring for people who have adopted Senochs, and an Ontario Resident Web ring (not up yet, I was supposed to get the HTML coding in the e-mail they send you, but this one didn't send it, so I'll have to get it later), as well as a Backstreet Boys page ring.

I updated the credits a little bit, and that's about all I did.


Friday, September fourth, 1998

Not a whole lot today, except for I joined a Dawson's Creek Ring, an Alanis Ring, and an X-Files Ring, and I put the Ontario residents one up.

Also, I added a link on the useless facts page for you to forward it to people (see if you can find it).

And Finally I did some more work on the Friends page; I'm almost done!


Saturday, September fifth, 1998

I said these updates would be less.... I'm going to put the All Saints page up soon.. Not today though, because I'm almost done the Friends page! All I need is the supporting cast and stuff about Central Perk, and I can move on..

Anyway i put a little comment on the Push page, I don't think I'll be updating that much, seeing as the show's been completely cancelled. But if I stumble upon anything, I'll be sure to put it up.

I've also been put onto Infoseek a little better now (It's listed better, and with the META tags, more people are finding it).

I also joined a Friends ring.

Finally, I changed something on the DC page, thank you to Colin for noticing it.


Sunday, September sixth, 1998

On the Push page I added a link to contact ABC about the cancellation of Push.

I also added a sort of credit for Chris Carter on the X-Files Movie Soundtrack.

I joined a ring of Useless pages, for the Useless Facts page.

I also added the Supporting Cast/Guest Stars list to the Friends page.

All I have left is the Central Perk on the Friends page, and I might start the All Saints page tomorrow.

Finally, I did A LOT of scanning today, but nothing will be up for a while. Thanks a lot to Colin for the use of his scanner though. The pictures are rather large, and I don't have that much more room on WarpLink, so I will try to join Geocities so I can have somewhere to store my pictures.

I start school in a couple of days, and that'll be hectic (I can't stand school boards!). So I won't be updating as much, but well, I'm almost finished!

Oh, one more thing, I've been put up on Infoseek (almost correctly), so I'm getting more trsffic.


Monday, September seventh, 1998

This'll be the last major update for a while, but boy is it big!

I finished the Friends page by giving up on the Central Perk section, there's no information out there worth putting up. Anyway so that's no longer under construction =-)

I also put some pictures on there that I scanned from the soundtrack, they're a little rough, but that's okay...

I learned two things while scanning yesterday: you can't scan things that aren't flat, and creases are extremely visible.

Also, another huge thing, I joined Geocities and put my entrance there! So the entrance that's at www.warplink.com/~mjenn is now also at www.geocities.com/Hollywood/Picture/4315 . It's at both, and nothing has changed on WarpLink, except for the fact that a bunch of picture files and things are at Geocities now.

The reason I joined Geocities is because WarpLink only gives you 5MB of space, and Geocities gives you 11MB. So now I have 16 MB of space in total!

So over the next few days I'm going to save all the pictures that I was using off of other people's servers to Geocities. So all my pictures (With the exception of the Webrings, Counters, and Guestbook buttons) will be mine.

Anyway I also added scanned pictures of the Backstreet Boys and their albums to that page.

Same with Alanis, although some pictures went to the lyrics page.

Also some X-Files scanned pics are on that page.

I also changed the sound on the main page to Uninvited (actually I just switched it with the Useless facts page, I Want You Back is now there).

Also, I put the All Saints page up. There's almost nothing there right now, and there probably won't be for a while. I put up the page and then realised I know practically nothing about them, so I'll have to do some research on the Internet soon... Not tonight though. I have to post all the files to Geocities, and then post this page, that'll take up most of my time.

I also need to get a counter for All Saints, and register with a couple search engines.

So it'll be hectic, but I won't be updating as much in the next little while. Except for the moving of pictures and stuff like that.

I added a page to download the fonts that you will need to see this page the way it should be.

Also, i adjusted the Site Map accordingly (with the All Saints, fonts, and new Geocities entrance)

That's about it!


Tuesday, September eigth, 1998

Not much today, not enough time! I uploaded everything onto Geocities last night, but I haven't had a chance to see if all the pictures work or not...

I put a Geoguide on the Geocities main entrance.

I put the counter on the All Saints page.

I also had to edit the Guestbook header. It seems some people do not realize that I am not the Backstreet Boys, or anyone else really, other than me. Anyway please do not leave messages for them in my Guestbook.

That's about all for today


Wednesday, September ninth, 1998

Not a whole lot again today, just moved a whole bunch of pictures around.

I did put up the season premiere date of the X-Files.

I also fixed some pictures that were showing up really weird.

That's really about it!


Saturday, September twelfth, 1998

I did a bunch of little stuff today. I changed the background sound on this page, because I like the new one better.

I also changed some of the HTML for the webrings. It turns out I forgot to enter my site ID into them (whoops!).

I added an awards section to the BSB page, as well as another webring there. The awards are totally incomplete. If you know of any awards they've won, please Sign My Guestbook. I'm also working on the individual Bios. Some of them seem a little wrong right now, I'm just working on it. That should be done soon.

Anyway that was about it, I've been busy lately, so haven't had much time to update, I might do more tomorrow


Sunday, September thirteenth, 1998

Just a little update today. I filled in the rest of the Backstreet Boys bios and stuff. I also added a few more pictures, from the enhanced CD's.

That was really about it!


Monday, September fourteenth, 1998

I fixed the BSB pictures, and Updated the Emmys!


Wednesday, September sixteenth, 1998

Whew!! What a busy week this's been! I haven't had much chance to update letely. All the BSB pictures should work now, I fixed the last of them yesterday.

I added a link on the links page.

I also made the emmy wins look a little nicer. It's quite a bit more organized, on both The X-Files and the Friends page. Congratulations to both on their wins; Friends' Lisa Kudrow for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series, and The X-Files for their Creative arts awards.

That was about it, updates are going to be even less frequent in the time to come. I'll work on this on the weekends and if I have time during the week, which is like never so...


Thursday, September seventeenth, 1998

I'm trying to get my Guestbook to work the way I want it but it just won't!!

I'm playing with it a little, so pardon the mess there, I'll be changing things very soon.....

Anyway I hope it'll work


Saturday, September nineteenth, 1998

I finally got the Guestbook sorted out. You can now sign it at www.warplink.com/~mjenn/guestbook.htm ; and view it at http://jupiter.guestworld.tripod.lycos.com/wgb/wgbview.deluxe.dbm?owner=mjennbook .

It should work out very shortly!

But if you left me a private message, or if your message seems to have disappeared, please sign again. Thanx.

Anyway I changed a small thing in the BSB page, as well as the site map.

See ya


Sunday, September twentieth, 1998

The Guestbook now works, for sure.

Anyway I updated a little on the BSB discography, changed a tiny thing on the DC page, and updated a little bit on the characters page for DC.

Two days 'til Thank You!!!!!!


Monday, September twenty-first 1998

I heard Thank You on the radio today, so it's officially there (yay!!!) =-) =-) =-)

I changed the Alanis Ring, the one that was there had been abandoned by the owner centuries ago. Anyway I put a little tiny bit about Thank you on both Alanis pages (no lyrics yet, VERY soon though).

I added a link on the links page.

And finally I added a sound to the Sign My Guestbook page.

That's it!


Tuesday, September twenty-second, 1998

I did some work on the Alanis page, as well as putting up the lyrics to Thank U.

My editor has decided to go kaput on me, so it only shows me part of the document, and won't let me at the bottom. So I might split the Alanis lyrics by album. Either that or find a new editor.

That's about it.


Thursday, September twenty-fourth, 1998

I did a major overhaul on the Alanis lyrics page. I split it into a bunch of smaller pages. Go to www.warplink.com/~mjenn/alanislyrics.htm and you'll see.

I also updated the DIscography there.

And as a result of the first thing the site map's been updated.

That's all I had time for


Friday, September twenty-fifth, 1998

Just put some more Alanis lyrics up


Saturday, September twenty-sixth, 1998

A big update today. I out counters on a bunch of pages. I put up some more lyrics/discography for Alanis. That's done for a while now.....

Anyway as you may know, 'eddie mills ' signed my guestbook a few days ago. I think it might have been him, I don't know.. But anyway it inspired me to update the page. Not a lot, just a few little things. I left a message for any cast members to sign the guestbook please. But the big thing on Push was that I put up a Push picture gallery. As many pics as I could find!

Anyway as a result I updated the site map.

Anyway have a good one!


Sunday, September twenty-seventh, 1998

Wow! It's almost October already.

Anyway I worked on the Push page some more. I stole a picture from the ABC.com Push page (it's not like they're using it, it's been totally abandoned). Anyway I also added pictures of Jason Behr from his official website.

I made a few small changes to a bunch of pages (I don't even remember them all!).

Anyway thanx again to ABC.com, however annoying they are.

Oh! Also, I reorganized the main page. It looks a little different now!

So that's about it I think!


Monday, September twenty-eigth, 1998

A tiny update on the Alanis page today.

I also set up the updates page for next month, we're almost there!


Tuesday, September twenty-ninth, 1998

Only one more day in the month!

Anyway I'm keeping track of my counters now. By early next week I can have the stats on each page (weekly traffic).

I put a link on the Alanis page.

I updated some of the Useless facts (thanks to Jill).

And as a result, I added Jill to the credits, causing that page to be updated.


Wednesday, September 30th, 1998

Wow..... It's finally the last day of the month.

If anyone wants the Push pics page to be a thumbnail thing, Sign My Guestbook and tell me.

Anyway I made a correction on the Backstreet Boys page (Thanx to Katie for that).

I updated the site map now including next month's updates (which is where you should go for your updates now).

I put up some more Alanis lyrics, as well as adding a picture from Fate Stay With Me.

Oh!! I'm really happy my first page went over 1000. The Dawson's Creek page hit 1000 a day or so ago; so that's great.

That's about it!!!!!


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